What Codec should I use in BoinxTV for recording?

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           <p>For best performance we suggest using the Apple Intermediate Codec as the recording format for BoinxTV recordings. It has the best image quality to performance and disk space ratio. As Apple Intermediate Codec has only light compression, these files will still be rather large, but can easily be recompressed afterwards using the Export Sheet or any QuickTime based video encoder like QuickTime Player 7, QuickTime Player X, Compressor, Final Cut Pro, etc. <br><br> For better image quality, we recommend ProRes 422. Only use this codec if your machine has some headroom in terms of CPU usage left. ProRes is a little more intense on the CPU than Apple Intermediate Codec, but has better Image Quality and contrasts. <br><br> As MPEG-4 is the only codec that is a 100% surely installed on any system BoinxTV might run, we also included MPEG-4 Video as the smallest common denominator. Nevertheless we strongly discourage anyone from using it. In case of a crash or power failure, the recording might be unrecoverably damaged. As the audio track of any recording will still be uncompressed Linear PCM audio, the files will still be rather large. <br><br> In case your system doesn't have Apple Intermediate Codec or Apple ProRes 422 installed, either install iMovie to add Apple Intermediate codec to your system or install Final Cut Pro or Logic Studio to add both Apple Intermediate Codec and Apple ProRes 422 to your system. If you have a copy of Final Cut Pro available but only want to install the codecs separately, you can download the <a href="http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1396">ProApps QuickTime Codecs</a> from the Apple Support site.</p>
           <p><a href="http://boinx.com/connect/boinxtv/knowledge/general/WS03158">Read the full story here</a></p>
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Yes, than what is “RAW”

RAW is completely uncompressed video, the individual video frames are saved as “bitmap” images.
That means you might get a tiny bit better quality than using ProRes422 (probably not visible though, and in my opinion not relevant for BoinxTV recordings), but on the other hand, you’ll end up with enormous files.

If your system is lacking ProRes and you find out, that you can’t install the ProApps QuickTime codecs mentioned above since you don’t have any pro apps installed, we would never tell you that the free trial of Pacifist (http://www.charlessoft.com) could install the codec .pkg file. :wink: