What aspect ratio should I be using

Hi, I am using a Samsung S1030 digital camera to upload images onto a MacBook Pro using iStopMotion 3 and exporting the animation to FinalCut Pro for editing. I am losing part of the image now but managed to, at one point, keep all the image in each frame - but now can’t ! What settings ( including aspect ratio ) should I be using ? Thank you !

If you want so see the entire image in iStopMotion, create an iStopMotion movie with the same resolution of your cameras images.
It’s max resolution is 3648 x 2736. Or something in the same ratio. I’d suggest 2500 x 1875.
Like this you’ll have enough resolution to even do postproduction zooms in FCP.

Thanks - thought I’d tried that but will have another go !

Hi, images are now being imported successfully :slight_smile: But, what frame rate should I have ? With 12frames per second the animation is very smooth but when I export it to FinalCut Pro it’s slow and jerky. If I use 25frames per second the animation seems to ‘jump’ over several frames. The export setting I’m using is Apple ProRes 422 - is that correct ? Thanks !

for export, you should use the same framerate as you you used inside iStopMotion. If your initial animation is done in 12 fps, also export as 12 fps. This is a decision you should make before you start animating. If you want your animation as smooth as possible you should go for 25 or 30 fps. but that also means you need to shoot this amount of frames to get 1 second of animation. More FPS > More Frames to shoot to get the same time > finer animation steps.