Webcast and live production at the same time

About to purchase BoinxTV…have 17" MacBookPro maxed out with 8gb memory and thunderbolt port…
I think I figured out how to put all the pieces together for a webcast of presenters on stage, with PowerPoint slides, and videos…this will all work great for the online audience.

I am trying to figure out how to setup the experience for the audience in the room. I can use a VGA splitter to project the PowerPoint to the screen in the room, but how would I play a video in the room? Without BoinxTV and just doing a live production I would use the MBP to play the videos using PlayBackPro using the DV/Thunderbolt port to the projector. Now with BoinxTV that port is being used to output the stream to MXO to stream to the network.

Has anyone produced a hybrid simulcast: a webcast and on stage live event? What does your setup look like?
Thoughts and ideas welcome.

Thank you in advance for your expertise in this matter.


there are three ways this can work:

  1. Play the video inside BoinxTV. It runs the projection in the first place if I understood right. Simply import the video, put it into a placer and you are ready to go.
  2. Play the video on the machine that runs the presentations.
  3. Have another machine running just the videos and put this machine and the one running BoinxTV behind a DVI/VGA/HDMI (whatever you use), switcher to switch to the video machine if needed or put the machine running the presentations and the video machine behind said switcher and run the final signal into BoinxTV.