Webcam for ChromaKey

Does anyone know of a good webcam that works well for ChromaKey in BoinxTV? We need to do it for a live event and super high quality is not a big concern so that’s why we’re leaning towards a webcam instead of buying another high quality camera just for this. Ideas?

As I understand it, the problem with webcams is getting manual control. The Chromakey algorithm can’t deal with a camera which is constantly changing exposure as people move around.

I believe the Logitch C910 is the best option and there is a utility available to manually set exposure, white balance etc. Have a look here:

I believe there is a paid for app ($7 or something) on the Apple appstore which will control the Logitech C920, but I haven’t seen any videos showing it action, and I don’t have a link, sorry.

a webcam is ok for crowd shots & whatnot but not for using as a key. you can try what @ukc mentioned but you’ll likely need something else besides a usb webcam to do a half decent key… I say this because working with a group/team, someone will throw their 2 cents in & pan it. I’m also kinda picky on doing keys :-p

Thanks. We have a nice camera, but currently no way of outputting to BoinxTV. But now we’re looking at getting the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle for Thunderbolt to capture HDMI from our existing camera instead of a webcam. Better to have it for the future anyway.