Weather Display

I am working on a project.My job is to have the display screen look as follows.Starting from the top left corner, for about 70 – 75 %, it should contain the live video, i.e the live broadcast of a TV channel. On the bottom, there is an advertisement. It comes either from an RSS feed or a text file. On the right of it, there should be a weather display. This comes from a dynamic web page.The webpage must come from CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).I found one:

So far,I have succeeded in achieving the first two steps.For the weather,I placed a placer from the layers.I used safari on the mac computer to go to the webpage.Then I was dragging and moving the Safari window till it fits into the position I want.But this did not work.I could not resize and fit in.Is there any other solution.

May be things will be more clear if you can view the picture I am attaching.My job is to have the final screen look like the picture.

If you use a screen source to capture the safari window, you can resize it in a placer afterwards.