We love iStop motion... some Doctor Who animations by my sons

My two sons (13 & 7) are massive fans of Doctor Who. Earlier this year we started making stop frame films using a stills camera and Apple iMovie. The films were great fun but we were limited to a very slow frame rate in iMovie. After an internet search we found iStop motion and we’re all really impressed with it - the frame rate (how smooth the animation is) is superb, and iStop motion has really improved the workflow for their productions. The onion skinning feature which allows you to see the previous and current frame over each other is particularly good.

All character animation is now in iStop Motion with the files outputted to iMovie for sound, post production and credits. Please do check out these links to see the difference in animation quality.

‘The Secret Within’ - by Alex (Dalex7447 on YouTube), 13 years old
This episode was produced in just eight hours on the day we bought iStop motion. It focuses on dialog, more than action - but the animated sequences were a breeze using the new software:

‘Doctor Who and the Dinosaurs’ - by William, 7 years old
Narrative doesn’t feature strongly for a 7 year old - much more about the action. In this episode lots of figures were used to tell the story. iStop motion really helped in removing rogue hand shots: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6i_PdVdsok

‘Leaders of the Daleks’ - by William and Alex together
This was a summer holiday project and their most successful film so far. Lots of fun, but you can see the limitations of using just iMovie as the frame rate is too slow which makes the film jerky. We’re all wishing that we’d discovered iStop Motion in time for this production:

Anyway - we think this software is fabulous! Cheers guys.

Alex, William and Dad

Wow, awesome!


Can we eventually use this piece on our blog (including your story)?

Hi Bastian, yes of course you can use it on your blog. My boys would be thrilled. All the best - Steven Buckley

Wow Steven & family. These are really creative. I have to say we are not Dr Who fans, but these films are done really well! Congratulations!

Hi Janette - that’s really kind, thank you. The boys are always thrilled to know someone has watched their films.

hi! what camera did you use, please?

Hi there - we typically use a Canon 550D with either a 50mm 1.8 lens or a 35 - 180mm zoom.

Our Doctor Who Christmas special is now out, again filmed using the brilliant iStop motion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7fsFgJC28I&list=PL5C79715BB50508CD