Washed out colors in video

Hi Boinx Support!

In generating QuickTime videos from my JPGs (in sRGB colour space), the still images on the video looks washed out, i.e., obvious loss in colour saturation and clarity. The images appear to have been shot through a piece of dirty plastic lens, not the quality I would expect to present to a client.

• Raw images processed in Adobe Lightroom 3.4.1 in ProPhoto RGB colour space, 16 bits.
• Subsequent master images were Saved As JPGs at 1920 px on the long side, convert to sRGB with standard sharpening for screen in LR.
• Using the JPGs, created slide show with Fotomagico 3.8.
• In Fotomagico > File > Share… convert the slide show as a HD Movie or DVD or Web Movie.
• Resulting QT video exhibit obvious loss in colour saturation and clarity.

After searching on the web, I found a solution that seemed to address the problem.
The author offered a workaround (.mov modification) that seemed to work IF the video is played using QuickTime Player 7.6.9, but fails if the same modified video is played using QuickTime Player 10.0. At this point, I have no idea if this “fix” will work on Windows PCs.

Apparently, this is a H.264 compression issue and supposedly been around for quite a while.

Is Boinx aware of this issue? Am I missing something here or is there a better solution? Since H.264 is the only (?) compression option offered in Fotomagico, it looks like I’m stuck.

It is absolutely frustrating to try to maintain good quality all the way through using “Pro” quality applications, but only to be stumped by poor quality display at the last step.



Did this ever get solved? I am having the same problem. Fotomagico is such a marvelous tool to use and it’s tragic that it all falls apart at the last step.

Would someone from Boinx please address this issue and its status (even if it’s just to say that nothing is happening).

Thanks in advance

This is indeed an Apple H.264 issue.
If you use the Quicktime export instead of the HD one, you can set almost any video parameter you want. If you are a bit familiar with video stuff, you can try which of these settings fits your requirements most.
In the video settings of this Quicktime export you can try for example the Apple Intermediate Codec (if it is installed on the machine), which should give better results.
Please only modify the parameters you are aware of since because of the sheer number of combinations from these settings in the custom Quicktime export we can’t provide in-detail support.
I hope this helps.

Am having, I believe, a similar issue: tonal washout after creating an HD mov. file. Had blown-out highlights, pale colors; shadow detail lacking in contrast. Experimented with various formulas for fixing, came up with this: Set gamma slider to the left (darker) at 1.7, set saturation slider to the right at. 1.20%, (I did this with all images, shift-clicking first and last).
The resulting slide show was dreadful - too dark (no shadow detail to speak of and the saturation was gross. BUT. Converted to an HD .mov file - Looks Great!
Very good midtones, saturation, and not bad highlights and shadow details.
Will be posting soon in the Multimedia page of my site, http://georgewidman.com.
Hope this helps.
George Widman

Here’s the results of what I mentioned earlier:

Thanks! I am sorry but the files don’t play…
As mentioned earlier the problem is the Apple h.264 codec we use. You might want to use another codec if you are familiar with video stuff in a custom Quicktime export in FotoMagico (but only if you know what you are doing with those settings).