Washed out colors in FM4

I upgraded to FM4 and now all my slideshows made in FM3 appear with washed out colors. The difference is really huge. The problem is the same with new slideshows made in FM4. The colors are really bad. The only solution to avoid this is to import photos from desktop and not directly from Aperture. Anyone has the same problem and/or know how to solve this issue?

FotoMagico only can use the “previews” from Aperture and is not accessing the original images, because all your photo manipulation in Aperture isn’t stored in the image, but only as a mathematical formula which FotoMagico isn’t able to process. Can you please try to update the previews in Aperture before using them in FotoMagico (right clicking on the image should give you a context menu with this option)? Does this resolve the problem?

Thanks, Achim. My previews were already up-to-date, so I re-rendered it (right click, opt + generate preview). Then I imported this photos and the non-adjusted ones were perfect!, but unfortunately the adjusted ones were still washed out. So this only worked with non-adjusted photos, not with adjusted ones.
Any idea why it didn’t work with adjusted photos? Is there any solution for the already made slideshows (beside exporting photos to desktop and manually replacing each photo)?