Want to buy BoinxTV Home, but does it do what I need?

BoinxTV Home looks like a fantastic product. I am just about to buy a copy, but I need someone to answer this question for me. I know it’s a long question and I apologize.

Short story is: I want to do a video music show over the internet which features me playing and singing to music tracks (karaoke-style) while people watch me.

Details: I need something that takes the video from the cam and audio from my music software (as opposed to the mic), then spits it out either to Quicktime Broadcaster or streams it out to a server.

Difficulty: I must be able to monitor the music software in real time before BoinxTV Home grabs it (as opposed to BoinxTV Home grabbing the audio signal and then giving it to my ears after it’s handled the feed. The reason is: Even 25ms of delay makes it impossible to sing or play accurately. I would prefer BoinxTV Home not monitor any of the audio back to me and it simply scoops up whatever sound the software makes after it’s made and I’ve heard it.

And, of course, the audio must sync with the video.

I’m quite happy to lay my money out for BoinxTV Home right here, right now. Just wanna make sure it can do this. If it can, I’ll buy right away and will recommend to others.

Thank you!!

Digital video production will always have delays. Thats because the video streams has to be buffered and compressed before they will be send from one hardware to another. In your case, I would recommend the following setup:
Use a different hardware (mp3-player) to generate the music audio. Put its output to your headset and into an audio mixer. In that mixer you mix the music with your mic. The output from that mixer goes into the audio-in of you cam. And the cam goes (audio/video in synch) into the computer with BoinxTV. BoinxTV will keep audio and video in synch as good as it can (you can adjust the timing difference if necessary). Since BoinxTV 1.x itself can’t stream you will need a 3rd party software (like CamTwist) to stream your video out to the web.