Wandering audio track

Did I miss the memo on how to anchor the audio track? I’m building a slide show with music, adjusting audio markers to the beat. After I’ve worked on the middle or end of the piece, I find the beginning of the track has shifted one or more frames, say Frame 1 to Frame 2, which means I have to start timing all over. On the other hand, I’m working near the beginning of the track, and find that the rear audio track bar has shifted to the left, blanking out the end of the tune.

Surely there must be a way to keep the audio track fixed in place.

Same issue for me too. Suffering from this and now i think i have to switch apps.

@ShaneP @BobinWash Thank you for using FotoMagico. I’m sorry to hear about the troubles.

Are you using Audio Markers in the audio track or are you adjusting the duration of the slides manually? If you move one audio marker, the other markers should stay in place. Since FotoMagico was designed for live performances, the audio is a bit flexible to allow for changes in presentation pace and is therefore locked to the beginning of the first slide it is used on. It is recommended to set the audio markers in the audio if you want to time your slideshow to the audio. Then, the slide timing needs to be set to “continue on marker”. If the slide takes too long to load, the next marker might be missed if the pace is too quick.