Volume does not have enough free space

We have just purchased a bunch of Canon Rebel 5Ti Cameras to work with iStopMotion 3.8. By unchecking the Whitelist option under Preferences we can use the Camera View to take snapshots. The problem is we sporadically receive this error “The volume Macintosh HD does not have enough free space available”. When we check the Local HDD there is plenty of room left. A restart of the Application seems to resolve the issue (for now).
Anyone else come across this error?
Anyone know how to stop this from reoccurring?


Maybe there is a mistake when calculating the free disk space either in MacOS or in the app. However there is a key you can put into preferences of iStopMotion that will control this behavior:

  • open the Terminal app by Apple
  • enter this command into the Terminal app and hit the return key:
    defaults write com.boinx.iStopMotion "Disk Space Remaining for Capturing Mega Bytes" 0

The “0” at the end means that the app won’t check against the free disc space anymore.


Thanks for the speedy reply and the tip. Will give it a try when the next error occurs.