Visual Instrument

I am hoping to display slides in random order during the show, like in the analog world choosing a 35mm slide from a lightbox and placing it in a slide projector. Performing with music and text slides as an interactive Visual Instrument. Any options/suggestions?

Sorry to say, but in FotoMagico that can’t be done :frowning: The presentation must be in a linear fashion from start to finish. It would be nice to have some type of “programming language” incorporated into the program, where “randomness” could be implemented with some algorithm, along with branching and looping, etc., based on particular slides or the pressing of a key, or whatever can be thought up.

But I think that’s above and beyond the goal of what FotoMagico is supposed to be – a slide presentation application that simply displays images (albeit with some nice animations, transitions, music timings, etc.)

@jkathome Thanks for turning to the forum with your question. As @stantastic has pointed out (thanks for chiming in!) this is beyond the scope of FotoMagico.

However, have you looked at mimoLive? There is a Media Playlist that can do randomized playback of videos and may be able to do what you want.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll look at mimoLive. I am looking at PowerPoint (KeyNote) Ideally I can pick from thumbnails on a “lightbox” and project them as needed, not random, but exacty what and when I decide according to my “Improvisation” with music (Live or recorded). I am setting it up with 35mm slides, projector and screen with a DJ system when I figure out the performance aspects of the slides - show. I will let the forum know, I’m sure there are some out there who are interested in this technique!?! FotoMagico seems nice as I explore, will probably start to use for my “canned” shows…