Virtual mimoLive camera into Zoom v4.6.10

Thank you, Achim, for the demo on inputing the mimoLive output into Zoom via virtual camera. We tried to do this and are not seeing the virtual camera as an option within Zoom. To check we had it configured correctly, we launched Skype and successfully selected the virtual camera within that app.

Zoom has taken some criticism on their security since your live-stream demo, so perhaps we’re on an updated version that no longer supports virtual cameras or perhaps it’s user error. We’re using Zoom version 4.6.10 (20041.0408) on Mac OS 10.15.1. We’re curious if other users able to use the mimoLive virtual camera on a later version of Zoom.

Unfortunately, it looks like Zoom has disabled virtual cameras as you suspected.

Boinx is aware, as seen here:

Thank you, Troy, for your prompt response. We’ll see if we can find version 4.6.8 somewhere, as it doesn’t seem to be available on their site.

Anyway, for me, virtual camera takes up a lot of computer resources which turn it unusable

Sorry I had to remove the Dropbox link with the Zoom app due to copyright concerns.

The official link to download the old version is this: – 4.6.8 (March 23, 2020)

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Official statement: