Virtual camera possible bug?

Hi there!
I’m here to ask if this is a bug or a known issue.
Using Chrome, the mimolive Virtual Cam is seen
only as “Audioinput” device and not as “videoinput” device.
You can check this issue on Google Hangouts (even if i’m trying to
solve it for different uses), that put “Mimolive virtual” only in the “AUdio input” list
and not on the “video input” list.

Anyone already experiences this and found a way to overcome it?
Thank you so much,

Hi Francesco, Thank you for using mimoLive. I‘m sorry about this inconvenience.

It is a known issue in Chrome. They are working on it. The problem is that Chrome has decided to use what‘s called „hardened runtime“ in macOS, preventing Chrome to access any external „plugins“ like the virtual cameras. Until they come up with a solution, the only way is not to use Chrome. You can use Firefox or Safari instead.

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