Videos Within BoinxTV

Wondering where the Pause/Play/forward/backwards function are when a video is pushed in (presented) within the aplication… so far all i see is either layer on/off what if i want to play a video and pause it at some point …or seek to specific area… basic video tools ? Danke fuer all ihre arbeit.

currently there is no such functionality in BoinxTV layers. You need to prepare the video you are planning to play beforehand.

That being said, we of course do know about the need for such functionality. It is rather high on our list, but no ETA yet.

Thank you very much. This is a key function for me. as to pause a video and talk over it. then when done resume playing. Or even the ffwd/rew while playing.

Here’s how we do it: Open the desired video in Quicktime 7. Create a screen source over the video window in Quicktime while excluding the playback controls. Route the Quicktime audio into BoinxTV via Soundflower. Trigger the screen source layer, then start, pause, rewind, etc. with the Quicktime 7 controller. The controller remains outside of the frame. We don’t use the most recent version of Quicktime because the controls are super-imposed over the video frame and will show up within the screen source. Hope that helps. Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to discuss or share ideas.

you might also try something with cam twist, tho it would be a very similar process. another option is to try VLC from, it has a separate controller that can sit anywhere on the screen. I think you can change the settings to turn the overlay stuff off too or even use the apple remote if your mac has the built in IR.