Video will not display

I just purchased FotoMagico. Everything seems to work fine, except that the I am not able to preview videos I drag into the storyboard. The video seems to place itself naturally in the storyboard…but when I try to preview the slideshow it always stops at the video and nothing more happens, even after the video is supposed to be passed. I see the thumbnail of the video in the storyboard, but in the stage it is all black.
Any idea what is wrong?


John Einar

What video codec are your videos in?
Please, can you run SandboxCleaner to see if there are any bad QuickTime Components installed in your system? ( )

I ran the SandboxCleaner now - but it did not find any bad components. The video is in mp4 format - codec should be H.264. 1920X1080, 25 fps.
Any suggestions? I really need to get this fixed as it is a slideshow for my son´s confirmation party… Thanks!

Any more suggestions here? I am really lost on this one.

Sorry for my delay. Please can you check if the “Continue” option for the video is set to a certain duration, rather than “continue on mouse click”?

Does the “Console” application spits out some FotoMagico messages in that very moment you start the playback of the show?

I had the same problem with AVC1 videos. After some research, it turns out the problem is due to Mavericks deprecating older movie codecs, which now require conversion. For reference:

It would be really good if FotoMagico would detect a non-supported video codec and either do the conversion or warn the user. Silently failing is obviously not ideal.