Video Switching 3 cameras and 1 computer

What is my best option for switching between 3 cameras, and 1 computer running Pro Presenter?

And I am wanting to output to 2 different screens.

Oh, also each camera is needing to be about 100 feet away from the Mac with BoinxTV on it.



  1. two outputs: BoinxTV currently supports only one output screen, but I think there must be hardware solutions for this, to duplicate a HDMI signal for instance.

  2. Four video sources can be handled by BoinxTV if you run them in SD. With HD you will stall the machine sending to much data through the CPU. You will have to have multiple-line ins, depending on your cameras. Look in the “Video Input” section of our Studio Equipment page. Here you will also find hardware solutions to bring in the screen of your Pro Presenter machine: (e.g. “Epiphan VGA2USB”)

  1. We are using the FireNex-FireWire Extenders if we have cameras far away from the BoinxTV machine. This hardware is also discribed on the Equipment page mentioned before.

I’m looking to connect 4 HD cameras to BoinxTV through MAC pro (8cores, 12gig of Ram etc) my furthest camera is 100ft away, any suggestions?