Video Stutter Need Camera Recommendation!

Hi guys,

I am still having a ton of issues using the Logitech C920 as my webcam for Facebook Live. The video will suddenly slow way down, then speed up to get back to real time… today it was extra-bad.

The problem SEEMS to be the camera itself, as only that camera does this.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a webcam, or even a regular camera? This mac has USB3 and Thunderbolt

@“Ray Lane” Sorry to hear that. I also have the C920 and do not have any problems. Do you use any other software with the camera?

Do you have a DSLR? You could use an HDMI grabber and the DSLR camera.

I’m having this kind of trouble with the C920 also.

Even if I turn the resolution down, the camera sometimes(!?) develops a 1-2 second lag.

I’ve spent a couple of hours trying to reliably reproduce the problem. I’m still working on it …

The C920 is connected to my MacBook Pro 2017 using an Apple USB-C to USB-A adapter on its own port.

I have tried all the suggestions out there for lower resolution and frame rates, but still can’t get it to work reliably …

(Please also note that the document is unable to save the lowered camera resolution and this needs to be set each time I open the document.)