video_streaming [BoinxTV Documentation]

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According to this video I need another app (Cam Twist) to do live streaming. I paid $500 dollars for Boinx TV with the understanding it could do live streaming and now I have to use another app to get that feature? WTF? I HAVE TO LIVE STREAM A CONFERENCE iN A FEW DAYS AND I BOUGHT THIS SOFTWARE TO DO IT. I feel like I wasted $500. Thanks for nothing.

Its really easy. Basically you use CamTwist to create a virtual “camera.” what the demo does not show, is that you can isolate that selection to a window so you don’t even need an extra monitor. You can do this by selecting “Desktop+” hide the title bar of the BoinxTV output window and select the window. Then select “confine to application window” I also use sound flower (also free software) to create a virtual audio output from BoinxTV into encoder.