video jumping

I’m running version 1.5 of boinxtv on the new macbook pro 15 with an ATI Radeon HD 6750M graphics card. If plugged a Canon GL1 via firwire cable into the machine and loaded boinx. The problem I’m having is that the video in the Live view is jumping. I tried recording a clip and it jumps too. The preview screen does not jump however. Any ideas?

I forgot to add that the video from the camera does not jump in either imovie or wirecast, just in boinx. I also tested a different camera and a different macbook pro with the same results.

Hello rlathrop,

please update to the latest release (1.8) and see if it still jumps. If so, please go into the source repository, find you camera, select it, and in the source inspector on the right side, choose “Pixel Aspect Ratio…” from the action menu, switch from “Automatic” to the correct one fitting your camera.

im trying to see if the new imac will work with one hd camera and one webcam. will this work?

As we don’t have such an iMac here yet I can t tell you definitely. The new models seem to be really powerful but HD is still a hard task.
If HD works smooth depends completely on your hardware configuration. To be honest, we don’t recommend HD at the moment because the graphics cards are not really fast enough. On a current MacPro with an ATI Radeon HD 5870 I managed to get two progressive HD streams in 720p running, but the machine is pretty busy with that alone. So right now we recommend PAL/NTSC Widescreen as a maximum.