Video Effects

Hey all,

I was wondering if it would be possible to use some of the realtime video effects from Quartz Composer with BoinxTV?

I created a layer using the chipmonk effect. But as soon as I load it into BoinxTV and try and use it it crashes the software.

Is this even possible?



Did you use the “Video Input” patch in you composition? Unfortunately this crashes BoinxTV. You have to remove it and use an Input Splitter patch instead, with published input as “tvIn_VideoSourceAImage” in order to be able to attach a video source to your composition within BoinxTV. ( )

If its something different, I will have a look at your composition.


Thanks for the response.

I changed the Video input for a Input Splitter. I could not edit the published input attribute for some reason… so I changed the name of the patch to tvIn_VideoSourceAImage.

I saved it and loaded it as a layer. It didn’t work.

I guess I need to figure out how to edit the published input attribute.

I’ve attached an image.


The orange color of the wire tells you that the type of the “output” value of the Input Splitter don’t match the “input” value of the Chipmunk patch. I assume that you have to setup your Input Splitter to be of type “Image” (by default it is “Virtual” which means “any type”). To do so, select the Input Splitter patch and hit command-2 to get the inspector panel. Here you can setup the type of the Input Splitter, set it from “Virtual” to “Image”. Then you have to “right-click” on the input splitter to get a context menu. Here you select “Publish Input > tvIn_VideoSourceAImage”. Now you are asked to enter the name of the published input. Please enter “tvIn_VideoSourceAImage” with underscore! You can check the success by unselecting the input splitter an hitting command-3.

Ah, cool, getting closer.

Followed your excellent instructions no problems.

Imported it into Boinx, set the source to be the camera.

Now, I see the video, but the effect isn’t being applied.

Again I’ve attached an image so you can see.

Unfortunately I didn’t realize in the first sight, that you are using an composition importer. This patch loads the composition on runtime (while running in BoinxTV). I am not sure, if this will work, due to access restrictions and/or relative/absolute file paths. Can you try to copy/past the complete “Chipmunk” composition into your layer composition?

OK, I did this. See the attached file.

It was the same result as previous attempt : layer has video but no effect.

Either I’m missing something simple or it’s probably not possible.

I am been using the chipmunk patch to see if realtime effects processing is possible, it’s not actually important what the effect is.

So perhaps a better question would be; do you know that real time effects processing of this nature is possible with BoinxTV, and if so are there any examples I can see?

Thanks for your support so far, I do really like the software. For our purposes it would really help us if we could apply face tracking effects.

Usually al things that works in QuartzComposer are also working in BoinxTV (with some exceptions) so I am sure that this should work too. Because all BoinxTV layers are QuartzComposer files there are lots of samples, what you can do with video-effect. E.g. have a look at the Magnifier Glass layer. Here you will find a shader producing the zoom effect.

However, for face detection there is a hidden Apple patch that helps you to make face-detection compositions. Please see attached sample composition (which don’t run in BoinxTV because of the “Video Input” patch). You will find that it runs very slow (5 fps) don’t know if this is ok for you.