Video Capture Quality

When capturing live video from Canon HV30 direct to disk, (HDV25, with Apple HDV Codec installed in Library), I now have three software options: BoinxTV, Quicktime7 Pro, and Sorenson Squeeze. Given the unique way Boinx handles frames, could you predict which of the three programs will yield: a) the smoothest, sharpest video and b) the least audio-video asynchronicity? Could you predict which of the 3 programs will render in the shortest time, when exporting to ProRes422?
Why am I asking rather than testing myself? I purchased a Boinx licence today. I’ve got two identical MacBook Pros and only 1 BoinxTV licence. I have the opportunity to purchase a second Boinx licence at a discounted price for the next 24 hours and don’t have the time to test in that timeframe.

To maybe take some stress of your back: If you own both machines, you can install your first BoinxTV license on both of them.

But to answer your technical questions: To keep BoinxTV from lagging behind realtime more and more, we drop frames coming from the camera if the machine cant process them at the moment they come in. Since QuickTime does nothing as fancy as BoinxTV, all it has to do, is writing the frames to disk. So in this case QuickTime might be smoother than BoinxTV. When it comes to AV sync, there is no difference between QuickTime and BoinxTV.