Video Camera support

Hi there,
I lecturer animation at a college, and I am really scratching my head at the moment.
We have recently upgraded to iMacs which have no firewire support. we normally use video cameras to capture footage.
Can you recommend a video camera that would be durable enough to put up with constant use by students? The HD cameras we looked at have no support :frowning:
DSLRs are too pricey to use for this use.

any help would be appreciated.
V Knowles

If you still own the FireWire cameras, simply get Thunderbolt to FireWire adapters and continue using the old cameras.
Other than DSLRs (that are pretty affordable nowadays), there arent any other cameras that support transferring a live picture to iStopMotion.
Unless a HD webcam would work for you. The Logitech C920 does HD video and even has a tripod mount.