VGA2USB source dropped frames

I’ve traced my dropped frames on video to a PIP with a VGA2USB source.
What’s the best way to reduce CPU usage?
Is there a way to throttle the FPS coming into Boinx?

To my knowledge, the only possibility is to reduce the framerate on the source.

Hi! I want to mirror an ipad to Boinxtv, I have looked at the Epiphan but i am worried that it wont display the picture at a reasonable level of fps. The higher class Epiphan is just too expensive - what are the alternatives to buying an Epiphan VGA2USB? My next step would be a ipad2vga, then VGA2composite, and finally composite2USB - still way cheaper.

There are 2 ways: a) Get a Blackmagic Ultra Studio Mini recorder and connect the iPad via HDMI or using an AppleTV and Wifi. b) Install the App AirServer or Reflector on your Mac running BoinxTV, use Airplay mirroring to mirror your iPad to this mac and use a BoinxTV Screen source to capture the AirServer/Reflector Image that resides on a second screen.

Thanks Bastian! I am using a MacMini for Boinxtv because it has an HDMI output to the streaming hardware, whereas my older MacPro and Macbook doesnt have HDMI out.
I am also feeding video from a videomixer into the MacMini on the firewire port. So the setup on MacMini is: HDMI goes to standalone streamer, Thunderbolt/mini-display goes to first screen display, and Firewire receives incoming cameras. That only leaves me with USB3 ports for adding an iPad incoming mirror feed. QUESTION: Will the BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle - USB 3.0 do the job of receiving an iPad via HDMI?? Your help will be most appreciated. Regards, E