Vertically information RSS Feed or Local file

Just like the twitter feed, I would like to have some kind of ress feed or local file (text) on the right or left side of the screen.
Showing some lines of text at the time.
Not horizontal like the news feed.

Is there anyone who has a layer like this for me?
Or does anyone know how i can make this?
I tried looking at the twitter and news crawl, in Quartz compozer. But i can’t figure it out.

The Twitter layer is one of the most complex once we have in BoinxTV and therefor it is hard to learn from it. In addition the scrolling of dynamic text isn’t easy either, so I think you need a good expertise in QuartzComposer to build this horizontal scrolling layer on your own. There is documentation available online:

We can offer you to create this as custom layer for 999 US$. Please have a look in the “Creating Your Own Layers” section of this page: