Version 6.1.1 crashed!

Die neue Version 6.1.1 stürzt ab, wenn im Medienbrowser auf ein Foto geklickt wird.

The new version 6.1.1 crashes when clicking on a photo in the media browser.
Version from Apple AppStore update from 6.1 to 6.1.1

Hi @cmue Thanks for reporting. Can you please send me the Crash Report?

I’m not noticing a crash when I click on a photo in the browser, but I am noticing two things: 1) the Get Info (or Cmd-I) operation doesn’t do anything, and 2) when clicking on an image in the browser it does a little “dance” inside it’s own little window. It’s a very slight “tweaky move,” but it’s visually obvious.

Oliver, I did not experience a (real) crash with 6.1.1 but the extensive presentation (514 pics and video) does not work as originally created in the older versions. Slides do not automatically continue after the set time and animation continues indefinitely. Problem: This is not reproducable. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not. Is this a know issue? I also contacted support about it but no helpful answer so far. Thanks Armin