Varient Automation

Hey Team. Wondering if anyone has run into this.

I have a “Time and Date” layer with multiple variants (for different time zones). Wondering if there’s a way to automatically cycle thru all of the variants (and restart from the top) AUTOMATICALLY.

This feature could be used for any layer that has multiple variants that need to cycle.

Looking forward to hearing from a fellow user that might have a solution.



Yeah, that’s kind of a tough one. I really like the idea of sequenced automation like that for variants.

I’ve resolved similar situations by writing external software that sends keyboard commands to MimoLive, and then configuring the layer variants with keyboard triggers. In my case, I did this with Cycling74 MAX and a keyboard external, but it could probably be done with Applescript or a variety of other ways.

An integrated solution would be really nice though.

Hi there, @lorcott :slightly_smiling_face:
You can certainly do that using Keyboard Maestro:
– Create a macro for each timezone variant (use the “type a keystroke” action and set the corresponding keyboard shortcuts within mimoLive)
– Create a macro that cycles through the previous macros every N seconds (make sure you use the “asynchronously” option, and the last action of this macro should run itself asynchronously so that it loops permanently)
– If you want, create another macro to deactivate the cycling macro (use the “cancel all macros” action)
If you’re not familiar with Keyboard Maestro, I highly recommend you to find out more about it: The automation sequences you can do with Keyboard Maestro and mimoLive are truly amazing!


I was just talking with Achim this morning and requesting a very similar feature. I want to be able to cycle through multiple layer variants using a single button on the remote control. In my case, I want the change from variant to variant to be manually triggered, not automatic.

Glad to hear that I’m not the only one requesting this function. Should NOT be too hard to implement. I’m only coding in Swift these days but perhaps a Syphon-Master can help the “needy-group”. :slight_smile: