Using with a Late 2011 MacBook Pro

Disappointed to see that my computer might not have the power to handle a 2 camera set up. RAM is 1333mhz not 1600. Processor is faster than recommended. Different video card installed. Any hope for me?

The performance of BoinxTV depends on various things:

  • How many cameras are you using?
  • What resolution are they using and which frame rate are they running on?
  • What is the output resolution and frame rate for your BoinxTV document?
  • Are you recording to disc?
  • Are you running a streaming solution in the background?
  • How many layers do you want to switch on simultaneously?
  • Which ones? (The performance of layers differs!)

A two camera setup can be in the range of “two low resolution webcams, just switching between them, overlaid by a company logo running at 15 fps, outputting on the secondary monitor port to a projector” up to “two HD cameras in 30 fps, multiple layers with lots of graphic, live streaming and recording to disc simultaneously”.

The best way to find out if your hardware is capable of running your setup is actually to download a demo and test it!

Thanks for the insight. I’m planning to keep it simple for my first project, just need to have two cameras running in split screen (horizontally), recording to disk at the best resolution possible. No switching or graphics at this point. Streaming in the future.