Using the Veescope Softlyght Keyer in BoinxTV

Hello All,

I have been searching for documentation on how to install the Veescope Softlyght keyer within boinxtv, but have so far been unsuccessful. Right now I’m forced to shoot with a DVX100a which is simply not providing the professional results we are looking for. We are planning on upgrading to HD, but in the meantime I need all the help I can get with my limited tools.

If documentation already exists, can you please direct me to it. If not, any hints on getting the Softlyght keyer to work would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I’ve had the same issue. dvdxdv support was able to have me up and running in minutes. Send them an email, specifying you are looking to use the plugin with BoinxTv


All you need to do is installing the plugin you downloaded after purchase. Make sure you restart BoinxTV if it was running. Now you find it in the same place as the normal keyer.
You’ll find a tutorial on chroma keying in general over at
Instead of choosing the built in keyer called “Chroma Keying” you can select Veescope from the combo box on top.