Using the older Zoom to allow mimoLive as Virtual Camera

When I run the installer of the older version (as per blog) of Zoom it starts the current Zoom. So I quit and put in Trash and empty the Trash. Ok run old zoom installer. After I click ok to start the install, it stops and the zoom app starts and check in finder and it’s sitting in Applications folder again.

Very strange, must be hiding it somewhere in root folders and reappearing it out of the trash.

It would be great if the gurus as Boinx could take a (new) serious look at the virtual camera functionality. I’d love to use MimoLive as a camera with Zoom and with Discord, and it seems to be a functionality a lot of us are hoping to use. I don’t want it to be a feature that doesn’t actually work anymore.

Not sure what the issue is, open ML, set Virtual Camera as an Output Destination & then open Zoom, go to Preferences > Video and select the camera named mimoLive. What really needs to happen is Zoom adding NDI support :slight_smile:

Zoom removed the virtual camera in V4.6.9. Expecting a fix by 30 May. V4.6.8 works till then.

NDI support would be great, but it has a much higher latency and costs encoding/decoding if sent from the same computer. An overeager security expert pointed out that Virtual Cameras could access video and audio (duh!) and made a big fuss about it in the media. What’s true is that if you install a Virtual Camera, its code is executed inside the host app which potentially could be used to do some harm there. It would require physical and admin access to your computer and if someone gains that unauthorized, you’ve got more to worry about than just some Virtual Camera.

However, this can be fixed by Zoom and I have faith that it will do so soon. Meanwhile, downgrading to 4.6.8 is the recommended way.

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Oliver, thanks for the reply. Zoom is preventing me from downgrading. Every time I try to run the Zoom 4.6.8 Installer, it stops early in and opens the latest Zoom, even though I put it in the Trash and Emptied the Trash! Very strange. I tried it five times and each time is resurrects the new Zoom instead of install v4.6.8.

I explained what the issue is in the OP. The Zoom 4.6.8 installer keeps on failing and bringing back the latest version of Zoom that I just deleted and emptied the trash. Bizarre — I’ve never seen anything like it.

Have you tried this one?

Thanks. I see that Zoom will now force upgrade to 5.0 on May 31. Any update as to whether 5.0 allows for virtual cameras?

Yes, I tried that. it works on my new clean macMini but on my older MBP it is refusing to install and bringing back the undead (and deleted) more recent Zoom app. No idea how they manage to pull that programming feat off, it’s almost spyware.

UPDATE: Zoom 5.0.4 re-enables virtual cameras.

This does not work for me. I see the audio virtual device in zoom, but not the camera. How do I make it work?

Updated to zoom 5.0l.4, This does not work for me. I see the audio virtual device in zoom, but not the camera. How do I make it work?

Agree. This is not working. on 5.04

@Gingram @bandian I apologize for the inconvenience. You are correct, the mimoLive Virtual Camera fails to load in Zoom. We’re currently investigating why this is and if we can fix this on our end. It used to work before 4.6.8 and we haven’t updated the Virtual Camera since 2017 because the macOS API hasn’t changed since.

PS.: And it is still working in 4.6.8

(I started a new thread to discuss virtual cameras with Zoom 5, but posted here to help close this thread)

As of May 30th Zoom requires all users to be on v5 or above to connect with each other so the “install an older version of Zoom” fix is no longer adequate. There is good news … kind of … Zoom v5.0.4 brings virtual cameras back for Mac users.

However, Zoom v5.0.4 does not see the mimoLive virtual camera so you must still use the Terminal to execute the command (below) which requires Apple’s free Xcode to be installed first. Then all is good. For now you will have to repeat this command every time you update Zoom.

codesign --remove-signature /Applications/

We released a new Virtual Camera Plugin Installer 1.3 which will work with Zoom 5.0.4 on macOS 10.15 Catalina. Please let us know if it works for you:

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Thanks heaps for this Achim. I don’t have a chance to test it until the weekend but looking forward to this as the “use older version” only worked for me on a new Mac mini not my older MBP.

Thanks @Oliver_Boinx, @Achim_Boinx, and team … this new plug works great with the current mimoLive v5.6 and Zoom 5.