Using the Canon T3i on iStopmotion Pro!

OK so can someone give me some instructions on how to get live view capture on my canon T3i onto istopmotion pro?

On the camera support list my camera is supposed to enable live capture but in istopmotion it says:
“Still Camera image sources like the selected input devices, Canon EOS REBEL T3i, are not capable of providing a live video preview”

Someone mentioned something about removing PTP on my camera to get it to work but i can NOT figure out how to do so.

here is an image

This is our questions as well. Have you figured it out?

Has anybody even read the message that is displayed? It is not possible. Period.

You can get live capture, but not a live image feed. From the page you have there you can press the capture button and adjust your shot from there. When you are happy with the shot, put it into the timeline with the button next to it. I think live feeds are only possible with certain HDV cams with like a special firewire port.