Using mimoCall in the same room as mimoLive

I use mimoCall to wirelessly bring powerpoint presentations from a laptop into mimoLive as they are happening. The laptop with mimoCall is in the same room as the computer with mimoLive so I have to mute the laptop’s audio to avoid audio feedback. I also mute the camera and micorphone in the Chrome extension since it’s only the presentation I’m after.

The problem I’m having is that I don’t have a solution for when the presenters want to output audio from the laptop into to the room. Unmuting the laptop causes audio feedback when the mimoCall’s playback of the show is heard by my microphones.

It would be nice if mimoCall could have an audio output mute or a mode dedicated to this purpose that doesn’t have the show playback. Or is there a better solution I’m not thinking of?

@Mason Thank you for using mimoLive. I see your point and we’ll have to add a mute button to mimoCall directly.

Meanwhile, a workaround would be to select an audio output device for the mimoCall that is different from the System output. This way, the presentation would be played through the system output, the mimoCall through the other output which could be turned down or muted.