Using Logitech C920 HD Webcam with a Mac

I bought the Logitech C920 HD webcam to use with iStopMotion on my iMac, which is running OS Yosemite. I paid $65 for the camera online.

Logitech doesn’t identify the C920 as OS 10 compatible, but the webcam worked right away, no problem. Just plug it in. The output looks really good, even in low light. Focus is sharp. The onion skinning works as expected.

I think the C920 isn’t listed as OS 10 compatible because an app is necessary to adjust the focus, zoom and other features. You can’t adjust those features within, for example, iStopMotion.

To adjust the webcam’s focus and zoom, I downloaded the app called Logitech Camera Settings, version 1.0. The app allows me to adjust focus, zoom, white balance and other features of the webcam. I keep the app open, off to the side and click on it when I need it. Using the app alongside iStopMotion is a piece of cake.

I hope this information might be helpful to someone.

Hi Tony, thanks for testing and sharing! The only downside to the free Logitech app, is that it forgets the settings once the camera is not in use.
If that is something that bugs you, the ~$10 app “Webcam Settings” from the Mac Appstore does the same but also saves the settings and auto loads them if you want.

Hey, thanks, I didn’t know that. If the Logitech app’s forgetting settings starts to bug me, I’ll get that other app.