Using Local File instead of RSS Feed

I want to use a local file to create my News Crawler. I created a “Pages” document and then chose “local file” instead of putting in an RSS URL, but nothing happened. What do I have to do to get my local file “crawl.”

You must have a valid RSS file to get it to work. AFIK Page (by Apple) don’t write ASCII files but binary files, so Pages isn’t the right tool to create RSS feed files. You should rather use “TextEdit” and save it as “Plain Text” file. Here is how a proper RSS feed XML file looks like:

Then you have two options to incorporate this file with the News Crawler layer in BoinxTV:

  1. You can switch from an RSS feed to a “local file” in the parameters panel on the left. You will get a file chooser-button to select the proper RSS-file to display. Please remember that this file gets imported into the document and therefore the output won’t change if you change your original document.

  2. You keep the “URL schema” and put in your absolute file path here like this: “~/Desktop/myRssFeed.xml” In this case the original file will remain the data source for BoinxTV. When changing the file on the desktop it takes some time that the changes gets visible in BoinxTV. Depending on your needs it is the best to start BoinxTV after changing the xml file.

any way of incorporating “live” data into a local file? For example, I might write… “Good morning, today is SATURDAY and the temperature is 35degrees…” Where SATURDAY and 35 are live updated from the internet.


@lorcott: I think in this case you have to create the the local RSS file every time you want to change something by an external application. On the other hand you can create or modify a BoinxTV layer with the free QuartzComposer editor by Apple to achieve your goal of showing realtime data in your video stream. Btw: We offer the development of custom BoinxTV layers!

Could you make this any more kludgy? Why not develop the software so that the news crawler can accept the URL OR a plain text or RTF file?

@TomDoering: Plain text is possible, I’ll put it on the feature Request list! Thanks!

It may interest all…we just finished a show where the client wanted a Twitter Crawl at the bottom of screen BUT wanted it previewed before pushing it out. We used an RSSFEED Generator program side by side with twitter reader. Operator simply copied appropriate twitter info, pasted into RSS Generator and pushed it to a webpage where our BOINX machine checked every two minutes. FLAWLESS!!!