Using keystroke for full words

Just installed the app and very happy with the show so far. Just one thing is nagging me as I want to demo some website features to big audience and some of it is text edits as well. Keystroke only displays like one to three characters (if you type very fast) and I did not see any option to change this in the settings. Am I missing something?

No, I am sorry. Mouseposé only shows the keystrokes commands, not complete words at once.

Well, it would be cool feature for my use case here :slight_smile: But perhaps you could help me on how to transfer the keystroke do secondary display? At the moment when I have the projector or any other big display connected then I can use all the mouse pointer features on both screens but keystrokes only appear on primary screen which is not a desirable outcome for a presentation/demo setting.

Unfortunately the keystrokes are always displayed on the screen with the menu bar. When you move your menu bar to the secondary monitor the keystrokes should appear here. Thanks for all your feature requests.