Using iStopMotion for iPad with elementary school students


I’m a tech integrator, trying to get teachers of different disciplines (art, Spanish, French, social studies and math) excited about using iStopMotion for iPad in their classrooms. Our students’ iPads are protected by Kensington bands. Does anyone have a suggestions of what stand might work with a relatively thick Kensington band?

I like the Joy Factory mount but in order to use it the children have to take off the Kensington Band and put on the back case with the magnetic tripod connector.

We don’t want to start out with remote cameras.

Any ideas?

Why not get some card board to let them build their own? Improvisation is an important skill to learn when making a movie! :wink:

BTW: If you have multiple iPads you can use one with iStopMotion to capture the footage and a second iPad as the remote camera with “iStopMotion Remote Camera” (available from the App Store free of charge: )