Using DSLRs with BoinxTV?

Possible? Saw lots of posts about using them with iStopMotion, but nothing for BoinxTV. I have a D600 and D800. Need to see if they have firewire out, or just USB or HDMI.

Unfortunately DSLR’s don’t provide high frame rates for the live preview via USB at this time, so we decided not to use them as an input source for BoinxTV. (In iStopMotion its a different story because there you don’t need high frame rates and the live feed is only used for previewing the actual capture) However there are some DSLRs out there that have HDMI output as you mentioned. You have to use a 3rd party HDMI capture device to bring the HDMI signal into BoinxTV (e.g. the Black Magic UltraStudio Mini Recorder described here: ) (Please note: the HDMI port on your laptop is an HDMI OUT only and can’t be used for input!)