Using BoinxTV HD through other means

Greetings everyone,

Here is my setup and my situation, I have a MacPro 1,1 3Ghz x 2 Dual with 7GB of ram, 5770 ATI, & two Canon HV40 camcorders.

It has come to my attention that using HD through firewire is technically impossible since there will be close to a 5 second delay between what happens in front of the camera and what will be projected by BoinxTV. What I would like to know if it is possible to possibly use the HDMI output, or other HD outputs or conversions so I won’t have this delay. I would also like to know if purchasing at Matrox MXO2 would also help BoinxTV in the work load. I remember using HD through Firewire caused a lot of strain on the BoinxTV app, the load meter was at 45% to 85% with both camcorders working.

My goal is to use both HV40 camcorders on stage and use BoinxTV to both switch camera’s from different angles on stage, and record the video at the same time, along with projecting the same video onto a dual screen setup on the sides of the stage.

Any help or guides will help!

PS. The work station, which is the MacPro, will be about 150ft to 200+ft away from stage depending on how the stage is set-up.

Actually, I have another question, I was looking at a cheaper alternative by using BlackMagic’s Intensity Pro PCIe to connect via HDMI to my Canon HV40. How smooth is the video transition from the HV40 to BoinxTV? I wish there was someone who could let me know or have a video of it online.

Here is an example of what my workflow would be:

Stage Camera HV40 ->HDMI->Intensity Pro HDMI Input->BoinxTV->Record-to-Disk->Full Screen Output via BoinxTV & Secondary Display output on Video Card->Large Format Projector on stage.

Again I ask would there be any delay in video? It was such an annoyance that HDV through Firewire had about a 5 second video delay before it was projected on screen. Last thing I need is the same thing to happen through HDMI.