Using BoinxTV as Character Generator


is anybody interested in using BoinxTV in a more “traditional” sense as a Character Generator for a vision mixer? I’m currently dabbling with a Datavideo TC-200 and BoinxTV which would allow sending separate key/fill over SDI or overlay an SDI input.

IMHO BoinxTV is much more powerful than most (affordable) CGs out there. It only misses separate key/fill output :slight_smile: … but I’m working on that.



Udo, thanks for your kind words and providing a solution for this. We are working on a hardware solution too! So stay tuned :wink:

I’ve had good success in using the chroma key feature of our switchers instead of a key/fill. Not the best, but better than nothing. Would LOVE to see a key/fill solution.

That’s what I’m doing at the moment … at least kind of…

My switcher is set to Luma Keying which saturates at ~20% Luma (dark regions are transparent). I created a Layer with a Pixel Conduit Filter which (kind of) combines the RGBA Syphon Input from BoinxTV into something my mixer/luma expects.

Although this works quite good in real life I’m using quite some dynamic range. Esp. if I want to combine very bright areas with alpha …

… but better then nothing :slight_smile: