Using an external video camera.

When recording in BoinxTV, I need to be able to zoom in. The Mac iSight Camera does not let you do this. I have plugged in a Canon HD video camera with a USB cable, but the only option I have to use is the built-in iSight camera. Please help :frowning:

The USB camcorders don’t deliver their live signal over USB, so they are not usable with BoinxTV. The only USB based devices that work are webcams.
The other alternative is a Firewire based DV camera

one other option, if it works with Boinx, is the HDMI to HDV firewire box from grassvalley, the ADVC-HD50. about $650 USD retail.

It does work, but you need Final Cut Pro or Logic Studio installed so there is a HDV component available in the system. Furthermore, the underlying Quicktime framework doesn’t do HDV live deinterlacing so you want to feed a HDV progressive signal into the box.