Using a remote to control the iPad camera

Hey there,

I’m interested in using some kit recommended in the ‘equipment’ section for iPad: the Satechi Bluetooth remote control (

Having looked at the product page, it seems somewhat limited with apps that support it, so would Boinx or anyone else be able to review how it works with the iStop Motion software?

I’m interested to know if the remote lets you actually use the app, such as checking frames / editing etc without having to touch the iPad at all - just to make sure there is no need to disturb it’s position with clumsy fingers.

I would also like to be able to recommend this to my students if it works well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Dear “stopstart”,

Thank you for using iStopMotion. Currently, the support for remote control is limited to the shutter release button.

The next version of iStopMotion, due soon, will support the Flic button for this as well, which might be a more attractive alternative:

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The Satechi remote works well, but only for the function of recording pictures. It avoids the need to touch the iPad but is only part of a hands free operation. I start with the Soundtrack and then note down the time of key animation points - sounds, dialogue etc. I then use this as a script to record hands free - one scene at a time. Expecting to move the camera position after I’ve reviewed the movie.

I’m about to test the flic but can’t yet comment on how it performs.

I too am looking for a way to remotely fire my iPad in iStopmotion without jogging the camera.This item is available on Amazon
It is a cheap Bluetooth trigger for selfies - would it work within the iStop app do you think ?

Hey there guys, thanks for all the info! Very excited about that new Flic button and thanks for the other reviews.