Using a Nikon D3100

Can someone walk me through how to use the D3100 with iStopMotion… from the cable needed to the settings on the camera. I used an older model sony camcorder before but now want a higher resolution. Thanks in advance.

forgot to add I am using a MacBook Pro…

Please make sure the camera is set to JPG recording and manual focus to avoid long loading times (as many settings to “manual” as possible is recommend, also “PTP-mode” if available). It is also advised that there is a certain amount of space available on the memory card (an empty one is even better). Enhanced capturing support is only available from iStopMotion 2.8.2 and OSX 10.6.7 or newer due to technical reasons.

Since we can’t test every camera by ourselves, we can’t provide the exact settings for each model, but this should do the trick. USB connection of course. Sometimes it also helps to connect the power plug while shooting and to disable any sleep mode if available.

when i hit the the button in ISM to get the picture it takes the first picture i took off my memory card rather than taking the picture from what camera sees, im not a professional with this camera so any help whatsoever would be highly apperciated. Thank you.

btw im on mountain lion.