using 3 hdmi camera

I’m about to buy boinxtTV for a conference room, I need 3 camera, if possible HD. today is very hard to find a HD camcorder with firewire output so I think to switc to hdmi connection.
Is it possible to put 3 Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro together inside a mac pro and use it for a 3 camera High resolution recording? Otherwise what can be the best configuration considering I need 20 mt cable for two cameras?
Sorry for my bad English and thank you in advance,

Several points here:

  • I believe 3 live HD cameras is still too much data for current Mac Pros. We are desperately hoping for a performance bump of those machines soon, but right now I believe the bandwidth is not enough. BoinxTV is doing all its magic in realtime on the graphics card, so it really needs to push a lot of data. Just to confirm: given the hardware, BoinxTV can of course do the job of working with multiple HD cameras.
  • Using multiple Intensity Pro cards with BoinxTV might work, but is not a supported configuration, as the underlying QuickTime architecture was not designed to handle this. We are very confident that the next Mac OS X operating system will bring major improvements to that architecture, which will enable manufacturers to build more solid solutions.
  • The above is the reason we keep recommending FireWire cameras for now. If you need to run a long cable we typically recommend FireNEX extenders, as outlined on our equipment page:

Thank you for your quick answer.
So I have to work in SD 720X576 or is possible to work with 3 cameras in HD?
Even 1280X720? Can you suggest me witch cameras?

The problem is that I can’t find any camera with DV out at the moment even standard definition.

the HV40 is still available at certain places. you’ll need a firewire bus/card for each one tho if they are all the same as they will collide on the bus (very often have the same ID baked into them).

another thing to look into is a switcher that can do HDMI or SDI - depending on the camera you settle on. switch it with a panel instead of in the app, then you only got one connection in.

I’m currently using two HDMI feeds with two Blackmagic Design Pro in a Mac Pro. It works, but you can “feel” the machine is at capacity limits.