Use your iPad or iPhone to control BoinxTV

Use your iPad or iPhone to control BoinxTV

Disclaimer: This control set up requires paid 3rd party apps, that together cost about $23! Controlling BoinxTV using your mouse or keyboard shortcuts works just fine, but sometimes it would be really handy to have an external control panel that would allow you to control the system from a distance. Enter the iPad (or iPhone), and third party apps TouchOSC and OSCulator. Originally designed for OSC (Open Sound Control) to control audio applications, they work just great for controlling virtually any application in some way, BoinxTV included. The first thing you’ll need is TouchOSC editor for the Mac, which can be downloaded from When you first open it, be sure to select the correct device and orientation you want to use. For handling and screen size reasons, we will assume a horizontal iPad from now on, but everything described here also works on the iPhone (just on a much smaller scale), and also in vertical orientation. To illustrate this concept, we’ll start...

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Why not creating a dedicated control surface interface for the iPad directly in BoinxTV, so you can also send back status (live status, timers, etc)?

@markino: It’s not like that is nothing we’d never think about doing :wink: But that takes a lot of engineering ressources, and this solution is something I was able to come up with, without even bothering engineering.

Unsinn -> RemoteVNC

@FloSpoonbill The solution above is by far easier to use than a VNC solution. If you have In-Layer controls like the video switcher buttons, a presenter layer or the zoom function in the PiP layer, there is no need to select a layer and find the buttons. Furthermore, the VNC session takes extra GPU processing power from the host machine.

Bastian, this is just plain awesomeness! I’ve done my homework based on your great post and I guess I have found a way to improve this solution by combining OSCulator and Keyboard Maestro ( This way, I can not only trigger events on BoinxTV and other apps, but also control Powerpoint/Keynote/iTunes/etc. with automatic app switching, since KM’s macros can trigger different events simultaneously on the Mac, including system events and/or events involving different apps! If you want to find out more about it, give me a shout and I’ll be happy to share. Thanks

@profgustavoreis That sounds even better. Please do share if possible.

@Bastian currently putting together a fully functional interface, will share as soon as it is up and running! Thanks again

Hi @bastian and everyone,
I managed to get to a partial solution. Currently, I can use Keyboard Maestro to map a single push buttons that both activates PowerPoint and goes to the previous or next slide by simulating page up/page down keystrokes. However, it seems like I can only activate BoinxTV using the same strategy. I had no luck controlling layers or layer settings from within Keyboard Maestro – and believe me, I tried reeeeally hard! :frowning:
So the partial solution I found was to create an additional push button just to switch focus back to BoinxTV and keep controlling its layers from OSCulator as you described on your post.
Would you have any clues on why PowerPoint can be fully controlled by Keyboard Maestro, but not BoinxTV? My plan was to use Keyboard Maestro as sort of an integration controller between OSCulator and BoinxTV so that I didn’t have to remap all my layer settings. It’s not that bad that it’s only a single extra click, but hey, if PowerPoint can, why not BoinxTV???
Best regards,

@profgustavoreis That is an interesting question. I’ll take a look at that. It doesn’t really make sense.