Use photos from library


Is it possible to use photos which are already in my iPads photolibrary for a timelapse movie?
I imported about 100 photos with the camera connection kit and want to create a timelapse movie. If yes, do I have to select each single photo or is it possible to select a range?
Last question…is it possible to export my movie in HD 1080?


  1. Importing: Currently (Version 1.2.2) it is not possible to import images from the library. Thanks for the feature suggestion.

  2. Exporting: You can export your movie with the export assistant (arrow button below your project in the gallery). After choosing the export destination (Camera Roll, Email etc.) you are asked to choose the output resolution. The available resolutions are depending on your export destination.

  1. excellent suggestion!

Ok thanks! So I wait for the next version :slight_smile:

So is it possible now with the 1.3 version? It is a must! then we can import scanned drawings and such.

@Veronique: I am sorry, the version 1.3 don’t have this feature. We are going to implement it, but I can’t promise when.