URGENT URGENT....Help Please

I can’t seem to change the color of fonts in newscrawl. I go to font and color, change color to white, but it doesn’t affect the existing color. HELP…we go live in a few hours!!!

Sorry, If I am replying too late: To change the color of the News Crawler text in BoinxTV you have to select the “A” button on the right of the “Title” font setup in the parameters view of the News Crawl layer. You will get the MacOS-X font chooser panel. Select the green “T” button at the top of this panel to get the MacOS-X color chooser panel. If you change the color here the NewsCrawler should update immediately. Does this work for you?

I finally found it. I was doing the drop down gear at the bottom and selecting COLOR, but it wouldn’t STICK. Finally figured out the T BUTTON. Thanks Achim. By the way, seems crawl is much smoother in the latest version.