upgrading to full 5.0.1

I have the beta 5.0.b70.and paid to upgrade to full 5.0.1

Do I just delete the Beta version and then download 5.0.

Will all my current projects open seamlessly?
my concern is loosing any files I spent hours working on

Hi Yrret02
I downloaded the full version 5 and opened the slideshows made with beta 5 without any change.
Dragging the app into the Applications folder replace the older (his name is the same).
No difference for me.

When Boinx releases new versions/updates, they are simply stand-alone replacements (that is, there is no “update” to the previous installed code). So, yes, any time you install the newest version, it overwrites the older version. If, like me, you tend to add the version number to the file name so that you can easily keep track of the updates, you’ll have to delete your older version by hand. And yes, your current projects should open with the new 5.0.1 release.

upgraded from the beta to 5.0.2 - cannot save a file. It hangs with the spinning ball, so I’ve have contacted tech support. I also trashed and reinstalled FM5. Are there prefs files that can be trashed?

Hi, ddixon – don’t know if this will solve your problem, but you might want to try AppCleaner (http://download.cnet.com/AppCleaner/3000-2248_4-10867510.html). It has been suggested by the guys at Boinx to try running that before doing a re-install of FotoMagico. It should delete the app AND all associated files, including the prefs.

Well, I used Time Machine to restore beta 70 - all works fine. Hopefully I’ll hear from tech support tomorrow. I even tried saving files to two different drives, checking permissions, etc., so for me at least, saving is broken in 5.0.2.

Hi all. Just upgraded to the 5.0.2 pro version. Sorry I did this. Version 5.0.2 takes for ever to bring in a recorded song. The program hangs up and takes forever to save if it ever goes into that mode. I finally deleted it and went back to 4. ??. I can’t believe I paid for this upgrade. I hope Boinx is going to fix this soon. I usually use FinalCut but found FM to be a little faster to put together a quick movie for the kids to view.