Updates on Documentation

We just purchased the commercial version of mimoLive. We’re very excited to use it and integrate it into our Blackmagic ATEM w/ an Ultrastudio 4K. I’m having trouble finding any documentation on mimo. I found this http://manual.boinxtv.com/en:start#mimolive_wiki which seems like it needs some work.

Are there any other places where I could find some documentation on working with ATEM / Ultrastudio 4K?

Hi there! Yes, we are still in the process of writing documentation, sorry that it isn’t finished yet! However there is documentation on BoinxTV which mostly apply to mimoLive http://docs.boinxtv.com/ . Here you can find a tutorial on how to setup the separately sold ATEM Switcher layer: http://docs.boinxtv.com/control_a_blackmagic_design_atem_switcher_with_boinxtv

Do you have a certain setup in mind?

Thanks Achim for the quick response.

We are looking to use the Ultrastudio 4K to send a key and fill from Boinx to the ATEM. I have been lead to believe that can work, but I cannot find the setup. The video you have suggested, while very helpful in getting the ATEM layer working, does not address the key/fill with the UltraStudio4K.