Updated Example Configuration

Can someone give me an updated example configuration for Mobile - 2 Camera? Some of the latest Macs don’t have a card slot. What config should be used to take advantage of the Thunderbolt interface?

I would like to capture picture-in-picture of basketball games using an HD camera for game, and a static SD camera for scoreboard.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thunderbolt capture box from Blackmagic Design. This will do the HD capture. SD capture, you could use another box (either Thunderbolt or Firewire) or try a webcam. The trouble is almost none of the TB boxes daisychain, so you would have to have a Mac with 2 TB ports on it (15" Retina MBP or 27" iMac), or use one of the external cases from Sonnet or Magma that hold 2 PCIe cards & get those from Blackmagic as well.

Blackmagic finally has the drivers working properly starting with 9.6.9. I’m running 9.7 & it’s running good. Their h.264 encoding plugin, however, doesn’t seem to work with BoinxTV, but does with other programs.

I haven’t tried the 2nd option with the external cases yet. I want to though, it would be really nice if it works!