Update mac os x yosemite

Hi all, I upgrade to Mac OS X Yosemite using Boinx Tv 1.9.9 or expect a new version compatible with Yosemite? Thanks to all :)>-

Most of BoinxTV works on Yosemite. But we’ll ship an update once we have fixed all issues.

Hi Bastian - Todd here. I also upgraded to Yosemite and the Epiphan DVI2USB 3.0 now no longer works. I contacted their tech support and have not heard back yet. Any thoughts?


Hello… Is it safe to upgrade to Yosemite yet and have a stable BoinxTV running on it? Is there a new ETA on a revised version of BoinxTV? I’d like to do some planning and would welcome any timeline information you could share.

Yes, BoinxTV 1.9.10 is completely yosemite compatible.

Thank you, Bastian.

Awesome to hear! Thanks!

Yes, BoinxTV 1.9.10 is completely yosemite compatible.

Is this accurate?

Yes, yosemite compatible with BoinxTV is completely. otherwise update your macOS yosemite, i recently find in google read a one thread complete guide step with image how to update macOS yosemite.